Gateway Updates

Orpen Gateway

Bristol City Council have put up a notice on the locked gate, acknowledgeing right of way and indicating temporary diversion until the site can be developed.  When houses are built the footpath will be restored, hopefully by the end of the year.

St Andrew’s Gateway

Bristol City Council have got their act together following a meeting of the Hartcliffe and Withywood Partnership, where I promoted the idea of the St Andrew’s Gateway as a means of opening up the Dundry Slopes. Representatives of the PROW team and the Parks department are going out to the site of the footpath to mark out the route for the contractors to clear.

In a sense this has shot our fox, but there is still work to do to open up the path between the city boundary and Chew Magna. The track at East Dundry is an obvious target.

Lawrence Weston Gateway

200 runners were introduced to this site during the running of the Moorland Multi-terrain Race from the Avon Riding Centre on January 24th. Brambles received a severe bashing along the path under the railway. ARC are proving to be friendly towards the idea of improving access.

Bristol PROW team have come up with a scheme to take care of the problem caused by the diversion of the footpath around Bankleaze School playing fields on a permanent basis.

We need to get the path from the City Farm to Lawrence Weston Road officially recognised next. It would also be helpful if we could establish a link between the railway bridge and the Nature Reserve. Perhaps the Riding Centre can do something about this?

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