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Lyde Green Gateway Site

This Gateway site has come to my attention because of a proposal to locate a cricket pitch on Lyde Green Common. So far so good. But the plan of the cricket pitch was prepared by David Lock Associates for J.J. Gallagher Ltd, Heron Land Developments Ltd and Quintain Estates and Development PLC, a consortium which plans to develop Emerson’s Green East – the area bounded by the ring road, the M4, Westerleigh Road and the Dramway Footpath.

There is nothing much wrong with this development in principle, and South Glos. are on the ball – setting high standards for the development. But the developers have taken the council to court in an attempt to get the terms relaxed so that they can put up the usual unimaginative tat, which makes the most money.

So there is scope here for the Runners for the Green Belt to growl against the Mammonite Fundamentalists.

From the point of view of the Friends of the Community Forest Path, Lyde Green Common is an important link to the Community Forest Path for the inhabitants of Emerson’s Green via the tunnel under the M4 near Lyde Green Farm. This section of the Community Forest Path passes through the Kendleshire Golf Course and takes in a stretch of the Frome Valley Walkway before returning to Emerson’s Green via the Leap Valley Local Nature reserve. (See Out from the Centre chapter 7.)

Lyde Green Common is also the key to a circular walk off the Community Forest Path from the Golden Heart in Kendleshire. However, this route is currently blocked between the common and Westerleigh Road. One would hope that any development would restore the link, possibly using a strip of land alongside a tributary of the Folly Brook.

As a Gateway Site, Lyde Green Common encapsulates the right of the citizens of Emerson’s Green to access the countryside.